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Remembrance Videos: To Remember the Ones You Love

Remembrance is a video- and still-photography-based documentary of your family.  It is an artful 30- 90-minute documentary, professionally edited with scene changes every 10 seconds.   The video will feature the victories and challenges of your family:  the laughs and tears, the lessons learned and sometimes ignored, your reason for living, and your proudest legacy and dearest aspirations for your children and beyond.  Imagine the priceless value of such a record for future generations.  Imagine the joy of hearing and seeing your grandparents or even great-grandparents:  how they lived and love?

Words of Praise:


  • It's difficult to find the right words to describe the level of deep appreciation and respect I have for Allen. His vision of capturing and immortalizing families at their very essence is matched by none. He has mastered the idea of family legacy in a way that I have never seen before. His thoughtfulness, sincerity, creativity and hard work are evident in every second of our film.  I will cherish this piece of our families history above all else. I will be forever in Allen's debt for this gift of immeasurable worth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Andrea Hodges​​

  • Allen sees people.  He has a desire to reach inside of others and find the core of who they are.  He has a desire to know them.  He has done just that with this film.  He has captured each individual in our family as they are and recorded the things that are most precious to them. 
    This film brings a whole new dimension to family history.  The genius of putting a family on film for future generations to see their ancestors and hear their voices is unprecedented.  I cannot think of another person more amply qualified to capture such precious moments in such detail.  I am deeply grateful to Allen for his vision, hard work, kindness, and love he has shown to our family through the making of this incredible piece of art.  
     It may seem to some that Allen was merely filming a family, but what they need to know is he became part of one.  He has been a blessing to us.

            Melinda Woodward


  • I recently had the opportunity to view a Family Legacy documentary that was created and produced for our family by Allen Johnson.   Allen worked tirelessly on the project and the finished product far exceeded my expectations.   He was great to work with and very professional.  There are no words to express my gratitude for the gift he has provided for my family.   I would highly recommend Allen to anyone considering creating a documentary for their own family.

         Dave Harris


  • Allen has created a priceless treasure for our family that will be cherished for generations.   His vision, creativity, talent, and expertise are unsurpassed.   The finished product was astonishing,  more than I could have ever hoped for.   As I viewed the documentary, I was overwhelmed with emotion, as he had truly captured the essence of our family.   Allen has given our family an extraordinary gift of love, and for that, we will be forever grateful.  

            Lynda Harris


  • Allen's vision and attention to detail are unprecedented.  His gifts of creativity, compassion, and love of people make his work unparalleled.  No words can begin to describe the incredible gift he has given to our family--one we will cherish forever.

            Jami Mangold 


The process

Creating a Remembrance DVD is a bit like creating a Hollywood movie, but with you as the stars and co-stars.  As such, here is a shortened version of the process:


1.    The initial creative meeting.  Here we talk about the “storyboard.”  What pieces would we like to include in the final product?  Who would we like to interview?  Grandparents?  Siblings? Friends?  What family photos and DVD’s would we like to include?  Who is the audience?  Family only?  Friends?

2.    Studio still photography.  We take beautiful studio portraits of the family.  These will be incorporated into the finished DVD.

3.    Video interviewing of the family.  These interviews begin with the easy questions around birth, schooling, marriage, and occupation.  But then the interview moves to more philosophical questions like life lessons, aspirations, wishes, and council for our youngest family members, as well as those yet to be born.

4.    Video establishing shots and cutaways.  This footage is designed to set the scene environment and to see the “actors” engaged in typical activities. 

5.     Archival media sources.  Family photo albums, digital videos, letters, telegrams, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and trophies will be incorporated into the family documentary, creating a rich multimedia and multigenerational history.

6.    To the editing room.  After all has been photographed, videoed, and collected, the final version is edited using state of the art software.

7.    Premiere showing.  The family documentary—Remembrance:  A Family Legacy—is shown for the first time to family members and loved ones.

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