About Me

My name is Allen Johnson. I'm one of those crazy creative guys. In fact, if I'm not creating, there is something seriously wrong. My images tend to go beyond the mundane. I'm always looking for a new angle, a new idea--something, well, special.


As for my background, it's a bit eclectic. I'm the author of The Power Within; The Awakening; Spike, Benny, and Boone; and Pardon My French (see booksbyallen.com). I'm also a Ph.D. psychologist, painter, cyclist, and jazz musician. But photography and videography are my absolute passions. My goal is to create images and family videos that are unique, powerful, and leave an unforgettable legacy. 

Contact Me

2618 Quarterhorse Way

Richland, WA 99352


Tel: 509-627-3000


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